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Code of Medical Deontology of the Romanian College of Physicians

Categoria: Code of Medical Deontology

CHAPTER I Fundamental principles of physicians’ practice Article 1 – The purpose and role of the medical profession the doctor’s whole professional activity is dedicated exclusively to protecting life, physical and mental health and human being. Article 2 – Non-discrimination Professional performance and overall activity of the physician will exercise, respectively take place, without any discrimination, including […]

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Decision No1 of 01.18.2013

Categoria: Decisions

DECISION Regarding the determination of the procedural evaluation system of the activities of physicians continuing medical education, as well as the criteria and norms of accreditation, and crediting of the providers and continuing medical education forms   According to articles 406, 414 and 431 of Law no. 95/2006 regarding the reform of the healthcare system, […]

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Statute of the Romanian College of Physicians

Categoria: Laws

CHAPTER I GENERAL PRINCIPLES Art.1 – (1) The Romanian College of Physicians is organized and functions within the provisions of law and the present Statute, as a professional and national organization of physicians, being an institution of public interest, non-governmental, non-political and without patrimonial purpose. (2) The Romanian College of Physicians has juridical personality and […]

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