Decision No1 of 01.18.2013


Regarding the determination of the procedural evaluation system of the activities of physicians continuing medical education, as well as the criteria and norms of accreditation, and crediting of the providers and continuing medical education forms

According to articles 406, 414 and 431 of Law no. 95/2006 regarding the reform of the healthcare system, with the subsequent changes and additions.

The National Council of Romanian College of Physicians decides:

Article 1. – Continuing medical education, hereinafter called CME, represents a part of the wider concept of continuing professional development in the medical domain, hereinafter called CPD and consists in the overall of activities of theoretical and practical training applied by physicians in order to mantain, update or enhance their level of knowledge, professional skills and attitudes in order to develop their level of performance in each specialty domain, for a higher quality medical practice, warranting patient’s safety.

Article 2 – The Romanian College of Physicians manages the CME activities through the National Program of continuing medical education, in compliance with:

– the procedures stated by the present decision,

– the directives and recommendations of the European Union (EU),

– the agreements and mutual recognition of credits, agreed with the European Union of Medical Specialists/European Council for Accreditation of Continuing Medical Education (UEMS/EACCME), as well as with other European authorities or national medical professional bodies involved by the nature of their activity, in physicians’ education and professional development activities.

Article 3 – (1) CME activities are quantified by crediting units hereinafter called CME credits.

(2) CME credits are granted considering the effective time spent within CME activity. One hour of effective CME activity is granted with at most one EMC credit. One day of effective activity is is granted with maximum 6 CME credits. The equivalence with the previous crediting systems is: a CME credit equals one hour of CME.

(3) The credits obtained by physicians as a result of attendance to CME activities contribute to the formation of physician’s professional score.

(4) The assesment of physician’s professional score is made on regular basis, at a calculated 5 years calendar.

(5) By exception, for the physicians having the legal age of retirement provided by law, the procedure of evaluation can also be made on annual basis, on the of the occasion of the annual activity extension request.

Article 4 – (1) The minimum number of CME credits a physician must get for the regular professional assesment is of 200, within 5 years, determined on the date of evaluation, or of 40 per year, in case of the retired physicians that require an annual approval for the extension of their activity.

(2) The attendance to CME activities should be mainly in the field of the physician’ s specialty. It might be admitted that one third of the minimum professional score could be represented by educational activities in other medical areas than the physician’ s main specialty.

(3) At least a third of the necessary CME credits must be represented by attendance to courses.

Article 5 – (1) Each member of the Romanian College of Physicians has the obligation to comply to the CME program and to accumulate at least the minimal number of CME credits, as required.

(2) If the minimum number of CME credits is not reached according to article 3 paragraph (4), the physician is suspended from practicing the profession according to the law, until the minimal number of credits is reached. The attribution of revealing and communicating the facts belongs to the executive board of the territorial college.

Article 6 – (1) Members of the Romanian College of Physicians have the obligation to keep records of their own professional score.

(2) The Romanian College of Physicians, through the special departments of the territorial colleges, does the calculation, assesment and verification of the compliance with the obligations required by articles 4 and 5, in the following situations:

a) on annual approval

b) in case of disciplinary misbehaviours assessment

c) after reaching the age of retirement, on request of the annual approval for activity extension

d) on request, according to the legal provisions that impose the calculation of credits for attending professional contests or exams

e) when transferring from a territorial college to another

f) any time the council of the territorial college considers necessary

Article 7 – Accreditation of the providers and crediting of the CME forms organized by them are made by the Romanian College of Physicians at national level.

Article 8 – (1) Standard procedures of crediting of CME forms, as well as accreditation of CME providers represents the background of the elaboration and application of the national program of continuing medical education of the Romanian College of Physicians and are reffered to in the annexes 1 and 2, which are an integral part of the present decision.

(2) The standard application for crediting CME forms, the standard application of accreditation as CME provider, as well as the sheet for the registration of the provider in the Register of medical publications agreed by the Romanian College of Physicians are reffered to in the annexes 3, 4 and 5, which are an integral part of the present decision.

(3) The presentation standard form of a continuing medical training program creditable as CME is reffered to in the annex no. 6 which makes makes integral part of the present decision.

(4) The standard form of graduation certificate and attendance certificate are presented in the annexes no. 7 and 8, which are integral part of the present decision.

(5) The design of the CME event evaluation form is reffered to in the annex no. 9 which makes integral part of the present decision.

Article 9 – The Romanian College of Physicians keeps record of all the CME credited events and publishes an annual report.

Article 10 – The Romanian College of Physicians will highlight the best providers in CME activity by granting annual excellence awards.

Article 11 – The executive board of the Romanian College of Physicians, at the suggestion of the Professional–scientific department, may decide, depending on case, to reject the crediting of an educational event or to withdraw the CME provider authorisation, if the dispositions of article 5 letter j, article 6 paragraphs 2 and 3, article 12 paragraphs 1 and 3, article 16 paragraph 2 of the annex no. 1 or article 8 of the annex no. 2 are breached.

Article 12 – At the date of coming into force of the present decision, the Decision of the National Council of Romanian College of Physicians no 2/2009 regarding the determination of continuing medical education credits system, based on which the physicians’ professional development activity is evaluated, also being assessed on the criteria and norms of crediting of the continuing medical education forms, as well as the norm and criteria of continuing medical education providers accreditation, published in the Romanian Official Journal, 1st Part, no 199 of March 30th 2009, is repealed.

Article 13 – This decision is published in the Romanian Official Journal, 1st Part.

President of the Romanian College of Physicians